Finished State Machine Project

Hello everyone! 

As I keep discovering and practising with Godot Engine, I made this for a challenge on a Godot Community Discord Channel (SoloCode).
As I just posted the original submission on time, there is a lot of things I want to improve on this project.

I would like to achieve a nice looking presentation, with some UI, ingame guidance and tutorial. I want to push this learning experience a little further towards a more polished product.

Here are a list of some things I want to improve:

1- Clean and rewrite the FSM code to something more elegant

2- Add and implement the last move from the character sprite: block and impact on blocking

3- Change the collision box size when rolling, so the character can go through smaller pathways

4- Add at least one enemy that cant hurt the player, take damage from the player and die

5- Add a player health UI

6- Add some basic collectables to help ingame guidance

7- Add some ingame controls tutorials

8- Add an enemy projectile that can hurt the player and that can be blocked by them

9- Add a flying enemy to give the player a reason to use the Air Attack

10- Enhance graphics and background

11- Add background music

12- Add SFX

That's a lot of things, slowly but surely, I will do it!

Cheers :)

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