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Fun game, and well done for a game jam. I really enjoyed the challenge

I like the controls and all the possible movements (double jump, dash, stopping in mid air when attacking). And some rooms are quite challenging lol

This is an AMAZING game. I really think you should keep working on it! It has very nice controls, almost like playing hollow knight (Which if you don’t know is a HUGE compliment). I really would love to see this expanded into a full game, nice job! :D


Thank you so much for your comment <3

I'm really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you even more for the Hollow Knight comparison, though I never played the game myself, I saw it running on multiple occasions. The character from the sprites pack kinda look like HK character too, so I guess the influence came in in a natural way. 

I have a few ideas to push the game further, so we'll see where does that lead in the future...


You’re welcome! It really is a great game and I am really excited for any new ideas :D