Gamejam Devlog - Timedust v0.0.6 - Time Device

I had my Covid vaccine shot yesterday and it made me sleep the most part of the day. I managed to do some progress though.
Honestly, it was a pain to set the collision masks for this trap, I am not sure what is the best way to do that, but I did it with an AnimationPlayer node on which I adjusted the collision mask for  each frame.
Then I had to find a multiplier for adjusting speed depending of if the Timedust effect is activated or not.
Don't ask me how I made the maths, I'm not good at math, I just experimentend, trial and error and I eventually figured it out.

Only today and tomorrox remaingin for submission, so I will have to cut on a lot of things, I'm not even sure I could replace those placeholder tiles.

So I set on a limit of ingredients to add:
- A remotely opening door
- Animated spikes traps
- At least one basic ennemy

All of those sprites are included in o_lobster's art pack, so that's great :D

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